ObamaCare Is Far Less Popular A Year After Passage

obamacare-nurse-corpsA year ago, Democrats who were in control of both houses of Congress, in addition to the White House, openly disregarded the will of the people and rammed ObamaCare down our throats.  At the time, the Democrats claimed that their bill would become more popular once Americans found out what was in it.  A process that, as Democrats explained, required passing it.  They were wrong on both counts; they could have let us know what was in it before passing it and it is far less popular now than it was a year ago when it passed.  It also cost the Democrats the biggest mid term election defeat in 72 years.  A year later, polls show that Obamacare’s popularity has declined even further.

A recent Bloomberg poll, which was heavily skewed towards Democrats (respondents were 30 percent Democrat and 22 percent Republican) shows bad news for Obamacare.  Despite grossly under-representing Republicans, the Bloomberg poll shows that 52 percent of its respondents favor Obamacare’s repeal, while only 42 percent oppose it.

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Obama Admin Loaned $2 Billion To Brazilian Company For Offshore Oil Wells But Halted US Drilling In Gulf

intelligent-us-politics-petrobras-offshore-platformRepublican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana is questioning how the United States has benefited from a $2-billion loan the United States made to a Brazilian oil company for its offshore drilling operations. 

Senator Vitter is entirely right in questioning a loan which carries with it such utter hypocrisy.

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Teacher’s Union President Fails To Defend Union Tactics Including Phony Sick-Out

I have followed the ongoing battle of the labor unions vs. Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin closely.  I have researched it quite thoroughly, even traveling to Madison Wisconsin with my son to observe the street protests, speak with the people and interview protesters.  This fight – and the ongoing stories which surround it – aren’t going away anytime soon.

This battle will continue to spread to other states and other unions as courageous Republican governors elected in the most overwhelming mid term election mandate since 1938 fight powerful public employee labor unions in an attempt to reverse massive budget deficits and apocalyptic levels of public debt which plague virtually every state in America.  I’m going to continue providing insight as this unfolds, and as I uncover more.  It’s just too important not to.

Today I’ll illustrate the hypocrisy and indefensible positions that these unions maintain with this video of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly interviewing the president of the Milwaukee teachers union.

Wisconsin union president refuses to answer questions about teachers sick-out

Kelly asked Wisconsin teacher’s union president Mike Langyel  if he condoned teachers using phony doctors’ notes to get out of work to attend union protests in the state capitol.  Langyel is just another union thug who refuses to answer questions about union tactics.  In that he is unable to defend union positions he proves – yet again – that the union positions are indefensible.

Congressional Dems Express Frustration Over Lack Of Obama Leadership


Democrats in Congress say they have grown frustrated with Obama because of his lack of leadership in their ongoing battle with Republicans over spending cuts, but with nothing in Obama’s career to suggest that he is one for political rough riding, it is odd for Democrats to express dismay that Obama isn’t leading the charge.

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Scientific American Says Global Warming Science Is False

Startling is the best way I can find to describe the results of a just published poll conducted by Scientific American Magazine. You’d think – as I always have – that the readers and followers of Scientific American are a bunch of egg heads with a broad understanding of most things scientific. Additionally, since the magazine has for years been called a schill for Al Gore and the rest of the global warming alarmist crowd, that the readers would have a stranglehold on understanding just how bad the global warming crisis really is. Continue reading

National Public Radio Attacks Tea Party As Racist Gun Toters

An NPR executive was caught on camera lambasting the Tea Party as “seriously racist” and claiming that liberals might be, as a whole, more educated than conservatives.  The comments from Ron Schiller, a senior executive at NPR and president of the NPR Foundation, were made during a meeting with two people posing as members of a fictitious Muslim organization. The two activists, who recorded the February meeting on hidden camera. Continue reading

The War With Unions: Visiting Ground Zero

Madison Wisconsin. (February 28) The call went out far and wide for massive protests to stand with the unions in Wisconsin. Every liberal, socialist, communist, Marxist, anarchist and left winggroup in the country sent – and answered – the call.  I have been watching in rapt fascination as a little known governor from an often overlooked state is honoring campaign promises he made when he was elected in November to balance the budget in Wisconsin.  In fulfilling his promises, a rare and honorable thing among politicians, Wisconsin has become a battle over far more than a state budget. Continue reading